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Animating the Drill

To watch the animation of the drill, tap the 'Play' button at the top of Menu Bar on the right. 

To stop the animation, tap the 'Pause' button (which was the 'Play' button). When you press pause, the animation will stop on the count that you pressed Pause and you will be in count mode. Tap the 'P' button to go into page mode.

Page vs. Count Mode

There are two modes when navigating your drill: page mode (default) and counts mode. 

When in page mode, tapping the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons move between the pages of drill. When in counts mode, tapping the plus and minus buttons move through the drill count by count. To toggle between page mode and counts mode, tap the "P" or "C" icon below the minus button on the control bar.

Moving Forward and Back in the Drill

To navigate through a song file, simply press the '+' or '-' symbols on the Menu Bar (Right Side Panel) to move forward or backward in the drill. 

The default mode of moving forward and backward in the drill is to move a page at a time (page mode). As mentioned previously, press the 'C' button to move into count mode. If you're already in count mode, press the 'P' button to go into page mode).