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Uploading / Updating a Pyware Drill to UDBapp

While in Pyware, go to File>Export File>Export UDBapp File
From here, you'll be prompted to enter your:

  • UDBapp Ensemble Code

  • UDBapp Designer Password

Once entered, click Sign In

From this window you can:

  • Edit/Update the Song Name

  • Update the Grid Terminology

Once you're done making edits, select where you want the file to go:

  1. UDBapp Account Server (for direct cloud download from our server)

  2. Your Computer as a .3DUDB File (to serve as a backup or to load directly to an individual device).

Uploading The Drill File

  • If you are Updating a file, click "Update Existing Drill" and click on the file you want to Update.

  • If Uploading a new file, keep the default "Upload New Drill" selected.

Click 'Upload' when you're ready. The file should be viewable on your device in a matter of seconds. 

Delete the current Pyware application (this will not delete your drill files)

  • Windows Application Folder Location - C:\Program Files\Pyware 3D vX

  • Mac Application Folder Location - \Applications\Pyware 3D vX

Download the newest version for v9, 10 or 11.