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Information Bar Options and Features

The information bar contains all of the glanceable information related to the drill and selected performer.

Page Number

The page number (often referred to as a set or picture number) of the drill set is alway displayed at the top left of the Info Bar, regardless if you have selected a performer or not.


The number of counts to reach the current page/set is displayed just to the right of the page number.  

Measure Numbers

The measure numbers played during the current set is displayed just to the right of the page numbers. 


xCounts, known as Yard Line Crossing Counts, are the counts in which a performer crosses over a yard line while marching to the current page.

If a performer does not cross any, a "-" will be displayed. 

If they cross multiple yard lines, more than one number (count) will be displayed with a comma between the numbers. i.e. 2,10.

Step Size

The Step Size is the reference for how large or small the steps an individual performer is taking to move from Dot to Dot. Step size is calculated and displayed using standard marching band terminology. All step sizes will begin with a set-specific number and end with "to 5." 8 to 5, for instance, represents that a performer will take 8 steps to move 5 yards. 

The Step Size for the selected performer to reach the current Page is displayed at the top.


The Coordinate, or dot, for the selected performer is displayed at the top right on the Info Bar. 

The top line of text is the left-to-right coordinate, the bottom is the front-to-back coordinate.

When in count mode (yellow coordinate text), users are able to see the coordinate for every count of the drill move by pressing the '+' and '-' buttons. 

Coordinate Sheet

To see the coordinate sheet for the entire movement (instead of a single coordinate for the drill page you're on), tap the coordinate text in the Info Bar. 

After taping the coordinate text, a drop down from the Info Bar will display the coordinate sheet (all coordinates for the full song/drill file). You are able to then swipe up and down to see more of the coordinate sheet, and are able to tap on any coordinate to change which page displays in the background. 

To exit the coordinate sheet, tap on the coordinate text in the Info Bar again and the drop down bar will contract.