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Differences in the Roles within UDBapp

Users of UDBapp are broken up into different Roles:
  1. Marcher/Section Leader
  2. Staff
  3. Director

Marcher/Section Leader

  • Appropriate for all members of the marching ensemble. 

  • Able to open any drill file, add personal notes and pictures, and change individual settings.

  • Will be assigned a single performer label.

  • Can create custom views in order to select any performer dot to view.

Staff Role

All the same access as Marcher/Section Leader with the addition of:
  • Does not need to select a performer label upon opening a drill file. Is able to select any performer at any time.

Director Role

All the same access as previous Roles with the additions of:

  • Renaming/Editing/Deleting Song Files

  • Editing Global Notes and Notes imported from Pyware

  • Delete Members from the Ensemble

  • Add/Edit/Delete Calendar Events (Pro)

  • View/Adjust Master Attendance Records (Pro)

  • Export Master Attendance Records (Pro)

  • Set Live Attendance View (Pro)

  • Create Hyperlinks (Pro)