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Pyware Settings for UDB Optimization

There are many settings within Pyware that you can modify to make using UDB more streamlined and optimized for your bands specific needs. Topics discussed include:
  • Changing Grid Terminology
  • Changing Hash Names
  • Performer Label Positioning

Changing Grid Terminology

UDBapp will display any specific terminology you may want with regards to how the Coordinate reads (Side A or Side 1, Front Side Line or FSL, etc.). 

  • First, click on File>Print>Print Coordinates in Pyware
  • On the bottom right of the new window you’ll see the Grid Terminology dialogue box.
  • From here, you can change the left and right side of the field terms (A/B, 1-2, etc.), the top and bottom of the field, and even the terminology for in and out of the hashes. 
  • Once you’ve completed your changes, click “Save as Defaults”

Changing Hash Names

While in Pyware, navigate to Utilities>Grid Designer.

On the right side of the field you'll see different Green horizontal "dashes" and "ovals" that represent different things like the Yard Line Numbers, Hashes, Yard Line Inserts, and Sidelines. 

If you click on the long "dash" that is aligned with one of the Hashes, you'll see a text window appear above the back sideline of the grid named "Custon Marker Value." 

You're now able to custom name this Hash to display something other than "Front Hash" or "Back Hash." 

Adding Hashes

In addition to renaming Hashes, you can also add additional Hash Marks to your field. This could be because your practice field doesn't actually go to the back sideline so you'd like to create a Hash to represent the "end of your field," or perhaps you have a line of props across the field and would like the students to be able to measure their coordinates from the props instead of a different reference point. 

To add a Custom Hash while in Pyware, go to Utilities>Grid Designer. 
Find the long Yellow "Dash" a the top right of the grid. Click on it and drag it down into the field. Position it where you want it on the field. 
You'll be able to name it in the "Custom Marker Value" text window at the top, as discussed in the previous steps.